Monday, May 12, 2008

Salmon with Spinich

I came across a very delicious Salmon recipe adapted from Closet Cooking. This has become one of my favorite dish to make every two weeks ;)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vanilla Cupcakes with Cherry Filling and Butter Cream Topping

I made these Vanilla Cupcakes with cherry filling and butter cream topping the recipe was adapted from Baking Bites. I bought this little decorating book several years ago and decided to give it ago. The topping is made out of marsh mellow, I used colored icing to give them the flower and yellow skittles to give the flower a center. Pretty cool huh?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Eclipse Chocolate Review- 5 Star Rating!

One of the great adventures about traveling is finding great places to eat, drink and mingle at and sharing them with the blogging atmosphere. San Diego is my favorite place, it still feels like home even after my 10 year absence from living there. I'm a huge chocolate fan with that being said, I hit google up in what chocolate adventure I can seek out while in San Diego. I found this place called, "Eclipse Chocolate,"Check out their Eclipse chocolate blog also. Their website alone drew me in. How can it not, big plump ganache covered cupcakes making my mouth water. This was worth the stop, how can I resist a decadent piece of chocolate truffle or cupcake? If you love chocolate as much as I do, you must, absolutely must check this place out. I had the Lavender Vanilla Bean cupcake and in my first bite I was taken by the hint of lavender and the intense flavor of melted truffle in the middle of the cake. I also had the salted carmel filling cupcake and that was just equally amazing. That's his signature piece, be sure to try it. I'm still thinking about that little cake and wish I can make them relocate near my house. As if I wasn't already sold by the cupcake, I had the spicy flavored truffle, it was amazing. We stocked up and brought some of these goodies home with us, they also have them to order online if you are not able to make the trip there yourself. Check them out.

5 Star rating from a chocolate fanatic!

That's the guy that creates these yummy pieces...
I've decided to start up a separate blog for restaurant reviews and my own baking creations. Enjoy!