Monday, December 29, 2008

Apple Pie...My Favorite...

One of my favorite pie's of all time is the infamous Apple Pie. I just love the taste of apples with cinnamon and a nice crunchy crust. I took a pie crust recipe from a different pie found in one of my magazines and used the same pie filling that I always use. The last time I made apple pie the crust was a disaster, I decided to take a different more easier route this time and it worked to my advantage. No mess and oh so delicious. My husband, sister and her hubby gave me the thumbs up on this and in fact we finished it by the next day. :)

Pecan Pie With Oatmeal Crust

So, let me get to the desserts I made for the Holiday, starting with a very easy Maple Pecan Pie.
What makes this pie different from any other? I used Oatmeal for the crust, what a great idea right? I won't take the credit for it though, I grabbed this recipe from Cooking Light. I myself am not a fan of Pecan pie, but find many people are so I made a pie for almost every one in my circle of family and friends to enjoy.

The Holidays were so boring for me this year, I wanted them to just come and go and be done with. Mostly because I didn't get to enjoy them in my own home, it involved me sitting for endless hours and it felt like I just zoomed in and out of my Parents house in a hurry Christmas Eve since we had to go to both my parents and his parents house. I did get to enjoy some Posole, Tamales, Roast Beef and Champorado before rushing out the door of my parents house. One more holiday to go and I can start planning my vacation for next year's Holiday season to avoid them all together. I loved Christmas day because I not only got to cook I got to see my little one get excited over her Christmas toys. My man got me Giada's Kitchen cook book that I really wanted and I can't wait to try out some of those recipes.

Rib Eye Roast

Later in the Evening on Christmas Day, as if the Ham didn't keep us full for majority of the day I tried the Rib Eye Roast recipe that also came in my newsletter from Bon Appetit. Though, I bought Pork meat it too came out really nice. It was the first time ever I got to ignite the pan into flames, ok, so my husband had the honors of doing so because I was too chicken to do it. I pulled him away from the Laker game which he paused and played it back so he didn't miss a minute of it. The sauce was really tasty using cognac and a full bottle of red wine. I let this roast for 6 hours and the meat came out so incredibly tender it just flaked off the bone. I recommend this recipe! I only had this picture of half of the rib roast as I packed the other half of this up for my sister and her man to take home to enjoy.

Bourbon Glazed Ham

For Christmas Day, we are usually eating Christmas Eve leftovers or head over to a Jewish Pizza place as it is the only place open on Christmas day. This year I decided to make the traditional Christmas day meals, starting off with a Bourbon Glazed Ham for brunch with a side of green bean casserole. I was lucky enough to find this recipe from a newsletter I received from Bon Appetit just a couple of days before Christmas. Though in this recipe it calls for Bourbon, I opted with Cognac and it came out superb. With the nice crunch of pecans in the sauce just put this recipe over the top.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Happy late Hanuka... !

Baby caught messing with the tree....
I have ornaments popping up everywhere but the tree!

I have some recipes to post, a couple still in editing that I have posted before this post. Will get them up asap.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Baking..

And so the Christmas Baking begins....

Sugar Cookies
recipe to follow...

Though I enjoy this Holiday very much, I think it's unfortunate how the economy is doing and all the jobs lost this year, I just don't feel enthusiastic about Christmas. I got a ticket a week ago, and it is true what they say about getting a ticket from a cop, bad things are to follow. Cops are like a black cat crossing your path. My husband got into an accident the next day with the other car and it will be in the shop for the rest of this and next month. Christmas can be irritating too, I can't stand it when people tell you what they want for Christmas, I mean I understand if it's something a group of people discuss together but when someone just announces what they want for Christmas and it be something expensive or cash, it freaking irritates me to no end. Unless you're a child why would a freaking Adult tell you what they want for Christmas? It's just so terribly ghetto. When people ask me what I want for Christmas you know how I respond? I say, I don't need anything, I really don't want anything. The offer is gracious but I rather they buy for my daughter as Christmas is for the kids anyways not us grown ups. :) I didn't learn that until I had my daughter, you become less selfish when you have kids of your own. (At least for some of us anyways). Before the baby I was all about the great deals in the mall, what was I going to buy myself. Not anymore, I have too much.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chili Rellenos

My mom's Chili Rellenos with Ranchero Cheese and spicy ground beef..... A nice homemade chicken soup or broth with tomatoes in it would really compliment this dish if it is poured over the chili relleno by a few tablespoons. Not too much you don't want it soagy but a few tablespoons will give it a nice saucy taste.

All you do is buy some Pasilla chiliis, fry them until the skin turns a slightly darker color then remove to cool. Once cooled, removed the skin, slice open a pocket area of the chili remove the seeds and stem insert as much ranchero cheese as you'd like and some spicy ground beef (just stir fry ground beef in cayenne and smoked paprika spice two tables spoons each.) Once that is done roll the Chili in flour, than dip the chili in an egg that has been beaten to a slight peek and fry in olive oil, toss and fry the other side about 3 mins each side. Wa la....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Magazine Monday- Apple salad with walnuts and dried Cherries

For this weeks Magazine Monday event, I have a new favorite salad recipe I found in Bon Appetit September 2008 issue. So quick and fast to prepare, you always need one of these simple recipes for days you just don't have the time to cook. The combination of walnuts, thinly sliced apples and very light and sweet dressing topped off with dried cranberries, though the recipe calls for cherries, I substituted for cranberries and found the flavors very tasty. I love good recipes finds.....just love it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Stocking Stuffers- The Baking Books....

I really want to try the cocoa cookies that Retore made, I think those would taste so good sandwiched in that new Dreyer's Limited Edition Peppermint Ice Cream that is out right now.
oh yeah...

If I can find a stocking wide enough, this is my rather large stocking stuffer list.....I suppose I need to hang Santa's Bag over my fireplace... hehe..

Giada's Kitchen- as recommended by Cream Puffs
Field Guide To Cookies- by blogger Dessert First
Italian Desserts by Anthony Parkinson
The Sweet Melissa Baking Book By Melissa Murphy
Tartine By Elizabeth Prueitt
The Essence of Chocolate by Robert Steinberg
The New Best Recipe by Cook's Illustrated Magazine
Bittersweet by Alice Medrich
Madhur Jaffery's Quick and Easy Indian Cooking by Madhur Jaffery
Sweet Maria's Italian Cookie Tray by Maria Bruscino Sanchez
Biscotti and other low fat cookies by Maria Polushkin