Monday, December 29, 2008

Rib Eye Roast

Later in the Evening on Christmas Day, as if the Ham didn't keep us full for majority of the day I tried the Rib Eye Roast recipe that also came in my newsletter from Bon Appetit. Though, I bought Pork meat it too came out really nice. It was the first time ever I got to ignite the pan into flames, ok, so my husband had the honors of doing so because I was too chicken to do it. I pulled him away from the Laker game which he paused and played it back so he didn't miss a minute of it. The sauce was really tasty using cognac and a full bottle of red wine. I let this roast for 6 hours and the meat came out so incredibly tender it just flaked off the bone. I recommend this recipe! I only had this picture of half of the rib roast as I packed the other half of this up for my sister and her man to take home to enjoy.

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