Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chili Rellenos

My mom's Chili Rellenos with Ranchero Cheese and spicy ground beef..... A nice homemade chicken soup or broth with tomatoes in it would really compliment this dish if it is poured over the chili relleno by a few tablespoons. Not too much you don't want it soagy but a few tablespoons will give it a nice saucy taste.

All you do is buy some Pasilla chiliis, fry them until the skin turns a slightly darker color then remove to cool. Once cooled, removed the skin, slice open a pocket area of the chili remove the seeds and stem insert as much ranchero cheese as you'd like and some spicy ground beef (just stir fry ground beef in cayenne and smoked paprika spice two tables spoons each.) Once that is done roll the Chili in flour, than dip the chili in an egg that has been beaten to a slight peek and fry in olive oil, toss and fry the other side about 3 mins each side. Wa la....

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