Monday, July 6, 2009

Seattle- Space Needle, Pike's Marketplace and The Original Starbucks.

We read some rave reviews about Espresso Vivace Sidewalk Bar in Seattle that we tried the very next morning after arriving there and my latte was amazing. They added a little carmel and that made the perfect touch to this drink. When we found this coffee place we noticed this festival of sorts going on around us, after looking around and noticing some........dressed up men in women's clothing we caught on that we were in the middle of a gay pride parade. ;) Hilarious! This guy in the red wig posed as I was catching his picture.

Seattle is for those that don't know, the first place Starbucks opened it's doors. Pike Marketplace is the area known for the fish being thrown across the room, though we waited we didn't see any flying fish. There is amazing fresh produce that they are just handing out for you to try every where you turn. Seattle reminds me very much of San Francisco with the steep streets with so much going on around the area. It's busy, traffic congestion but it's because of the two lane highways that run pass the city unlike our 6 lane freeways that get us around in California. From my understanding they have no place to extend freeways or highways because it is surrounded by water. I love all the lushes green that surrounds this city, as soon as you leave the city life of buildings, cars and traffic you are driving in plush big thick green trees all around you.

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