Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's Your Favorites?

My pictures to my recipes are still stuck on my camera so I decided to make a post on my favorites until I can get the pictures uploaded and get myself back into posting recipes. I have some fun Holiday recipes to post....

I made this up out of boredom and fun, I"m keeping myself entertained ;)

What are my favorite places to eat at?
Roy's Hawaiian BBQ
La Provencal
Kings Fish
La Finestra
La Super Rica Taqueria
Sushi Mac
Exotic Thai
Saladang Song
La Cabana
King Taco
Rockin Baja Lobster
Woodlands (south Indian food)

What would I eat every week if it wouldn't make me gain weight?
Gnocchi and Flautas

Dessert of Choice?
Creme Brulee....following very closely behind that are cheesecake and Shrikhand

What will I not eat unless starving and it was my only choice?
Brains, Liver, snails, Cow's Tongue ect.....

Favorite Ice Cream:
Mint Chocolate Chip.....peanut butter cup is a close 2nd

Favorite Fruit:
Mango....strawberries are a close 2nd

Favorite Vegetable:
Zucchini.....spinach is a close 2nd

Favorite Alcoholic drink: Dirty Martini
Favorite beer- Pale Ale
Favorite Wine- Red Bicyclette at the moment (all of them are good)

Most Common drink with my meals?
Water Or Ice Tea

Favorite ethnic food?
Thai or French

What is always kept in stock in my frig?
Milk, Cheese, Vegies, Garlic, Onions, Fruit, Beer, yogurt, Butter, Soy Sauce, Cilantro, Chai Mix

Choice of Fish?

I'm Standing at the check out and feel a sudden sugar rush, what do I pick up?

Am I a freezer junkie or believe in keeping it fresh?
I keep it fresh.

What's in my freezer?
Ice Cream, sugar snaps, Vodka, batteries, strawberries, Okra, Spinach, puff pastry sheets

What do I rarely eat but do like...
I rarely eat Pizza, maybe once a year tops.

To Cook or To bake...
To bake..

Favorite thing to bake...
Cookies and Cheesecake

Restaurants of major disappointment: El Torito, Alcapulco, Outback Steak House, Mimi's Cafe and Crown & Anchor in Thousand Oaks.

You notice how hard it is to have ONE favorite thing without adding in a very close 2nd on all of these....

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