Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chai Cheesecake with Ginger Crust

I have one more recipe to post from the Holidays and I'm done, it is the Chai Cheesecake. This struck my interest when I came across it and immediately I put it aside to give it a go. Especially since my husband's entire family are huge Chai Tea lovers. So the idea to make this for them specifically was my challenge, one that it could be just as good as chai tea or two that it could be too strong for a cheesecake. One thing about chai tea, not that kind at Starbucks but the real Indian Chai using a very strong spice called cardamon is it can overtake the taste of the actual chai tea itself. I had my concerns while into the process of making it, but it turned out very nicely with a hint of caradmon spice, well, that is until a few days in the frig and I found it too be incrediably strong and not tasty at all. I had put some in a remkin cup for us to try here at home as I made them the cheesecakes, but by the 3rd day I threw it out because the really strong caradmon taste must have incorporated into the cheesecake as days passed. So, it is very tasty if you love chai but I recommend to eat it the day it is made or the day after. This recipe was adapted from Bon appetit 2007

Once again, sorry for the crappy photo but you can click on the link to see a good picture of it.

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