Sunday, January 4, 2009

Key Lime Cheesecake

My mom is huge on tart desserts, for Christmas Eve this year I made just for her a Key Lime Cheesecake, which surprisingly is very sweet and tart at the same time. In the pictures, you will see a very thin yellow layer over the crust, that is a very tart lime curd made out of just key limes and several egg yolks with sugar. Since the cheesecake part is sweet with just a hint of lime flavors this tartness at the bottom really pulls this dessert together. I actually made this last year for Christmas Eve as well and got a request for it this year too. I had grabbed this recipe from Bon Appetit 2006,

I know the pictures really needed more light and focus, I was not going to post this at all because of it but I figured if someone was looking for a recipe to this, they wouldn't care how my pictures came out but just that they found a recipe for it, click on the link for a good photo of it. :)


Wandering Coyote said...

I saved this recipe, too, but just haven't gotten around to making it yet! It look so good!

Debbie said...

It has really nice flavor combinations from the curd, cheesecake part to the sour cream topping. I hope to get some posts up for Magazine Mondays soon, I keep missing it when the Weekend rolls around.

Kevin said...

A keylime cheesecake sounds great!