Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sopes For Dinner with a Cold Pale Ale

Last Night for dinner....

Here's a dish I grew up on and I still haven't grabbed the recipe from my mom on it. She makes the best Sopes ever! She learned the recipe from my Dad's mom. She makes it with shredded chicken that cooks slowly in BBQ spices. She adds some flavor to the sopes also using consume. I will post once I learn how to make it. I had a craving for them yesterday but since I don't have my mom's recipe yet, I found one by Guy Fieri and they came out really good. Not as good as my mom's and her recipe takes about 4 hours to complete while Guy's takes maybe 2 hours or less to complete. Have it with a nice cold Pale Ale! Oh, and I added some Queso Fresco to the top of this, which makes all the difference in my opinion, the recipe doesn't call for it but my mom has always used it on hers so out of habit of taste I used it on mine.

Don't forget dessert! I still have some mango kulfi left, my husband is eating it up faster than I can.

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