Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pear Salad with blue cheese and vinaigrette dressing

My husband is not a salad fan, unless it is a side at dinner and even than he always goes for the soup option. So, when ever he's on a business trip I make salads, mac in cheese and turkey dishes for myself. Some of my favorites that I grew up on. I love fruit in my salad along with crumbled cheese if it be feta, cotija or blue cheese along side some sweet tasting vinaigrette. I had came across this Pear Salad with blue cheese and vinaigrette dressing in Bon Appetit and just had to try it along side a steak. I liked it so much that I can eat this salad as a main meal.

Slice up some pear, crumble some blue cheese, make your own vinaigrette by adding 2 TB of EVO, Sherry Vin, Honey, 1 Shallot and salt and pepper. Don't buy the bottled stuff at the grocery store it's loaded with junk that defeats the purpose of losing weight if that's what you are aiming for.

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