Friday, March 20, 2009

Strawberry Frozen Pie

I've had this little Pillsbury baking book for almost two years now and every summer I swear to make this and don't. Well, let's call this my intro to Spring....

My great grandmother from my mom's side of the family made this for us when we were kids. I can still remember my first bite of this dessert, I remember looking at mom and saying, "This is so good I can eat the whole thing myself." The strawberry flavor is subtle, it is more like a vanilla creme with a hint of strawberry. Than you have chunks of frozen strawberries in it. My next attempt at this dessert will be with the use of Mangoes, simply because it is a all around favorite fruit in my house. Though I have witness the mangoes coming out all over the place in the stores recently I know they are not at the peek of their season yet so the color or juiciness is not right yet as it would be in the next couple of months. Though I'm not sure if frozen mangoes would do this type of dessert any justice I want to try it out to see.

You will have to email me to get the recipe for this. I'm okay with posting recipes from magazines and food bloggers because I can link them but when I get the recipe from a book I feel bad to post it because I'm sure the author would prefer the customer to buy his/her book instead of finding their recipes all over online. It kind of defeats the purpose of having a published book right? :)

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